Valea Cetății Cave

The Valea Cetății Cave was first opened in 1949, when a hydraulic explosion removed the material which obstructed it, causing a huge flood on the Fundata valley, and the boulders it dislocated can still be seen along the valley!

In 1954, a group of young people from Râșnov managed to get through this cave opening.

Margareta Dumitrescu and Traian Orghidan conducted the first comprehensive study of the Valea Cetății Cave in 1958 and they published the description and the sketch of the cave, indicating a length of 270 m.

In 1981, a team of the caving club “Emil Racovița” from Bucharest mapped 857 m over a 36 m level difference.

In 1988 and 1989 there are added 63 m and 38 m, over a 38,5 level difference and a 958 m development. From this date, the cave has undergone a continuous process of destruction due to the uncontrolled access of various visitors.

As of February 22, 2010, the protected area Valea Cetății Cave was awarded to the custody of SC EMS Cave SRL by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. From this date, the deterioration of the formations left untouched was fortunately stopped, and there were started the operations for setting up the cave by using the latest technology. The cave was opened to the public in December 2010, after titanic efforts of restoration and renovation.

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