Poiana Brașov Skating Rink

The Poiana Brașov skating rink was built in early 2013 for the European Youth Olympic Festival on the former skating rink. It meets all the requirements imposed by the International Olympic Committee and the International Sports Federations, both in terms of the structure covering the rink and of the ice refrigeration and ventilation equipment.

The rink consists of a pressostatic structure with double membranes, filled with air, providing an insulation area between the surrounding and the ambient environment. The ventilation and heating units supply hot or cold air, as required, through the two distribution pipes within the structure and between the membranes

The roof covers the 3,000 square meters surface of the rink which is 12 meters high, 74 m long and 39 m wide. Its 40,000 cubic meters volume ranks it second in the world, the first being the Olympic rink in Georgia. The ice surface is of 1.800 square meters, over a width of 30 m and a length of 60 m.

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