Off Road

If you want to vibrate every time the engine accelerates, this is the sport you must surely love. A sport that overcomes any obstacle. An engine that braces to overcome anything, while only seeing the abyss … everything to the limit, passion, unbridled willpower.

You can reach unimaginably beautiful places, you will have surprises after every peak you pass over, although at first you did not think you could overcome it. You will discover the secrets of places known only by us. You will see the forest, the mountain, the grass from a whole new level. And you will be able to rest on a sunny meadow, in a traditional sheepfold or by practicing archery in nature. A unique connection between man and nature, an irreplaceable vibration and relaxation in unbeaten places, before leaving abruptly towards civilization, leaving behind sensations, bursts of adrenaline.

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