1. They have the obligation to observe permanently, exactly and fully the rules of personal hygiene and protection measures, regardless of the time of day, anywhere inside Teleferic Grand Hotel.
  2. To take note and accept the rules specified in the booking confirmation, regarding a series of procedures imposed for all guests inside Teleferic Grand Hotel, regarding both the interaction with employees and other guests, as well as movement and personal activities in the Hotel’s public areas.
  3. To accept that upon arrival at Teleferic Grand Hotel, to comply with the established rules regarding the access, temperature verification (which must not exceed 99.5F/37.3˚C) and the correct completion of a statement on one’s own responsibility about their health status and traceability.
  4. Any suspicion regarding the health of the guest (specific symptoms COVID-19) will be communicated immediately to the management of Teleferic Grand Hotel or the reception staff and will follow exactly the recommendations of the hotel staff.
  5. To accept to wear a mask in all public areas on the premises (public areas are considered all other spaces, other than accommodation rooms) and to use hand sanitizer.
  6. To accept that certain services dedicated to all guests could be provided at different time intervals, in order to ensure the necessary physical distance in all public spaces.
  7. To accept that the new working procedures require a significant reduction in interaction with employees, which is not a lack of interest or hospitality. To accept that all Teleferic Grand Hotel employees wear a mask, including for SPA treatments.
  8. To mantain and respect the safety distance in relation to employees and other guests (minimum 1.5m).
  9. Guests will try, as far as possible, to restrict their travel within the Teleferic Grand Hotel only for access to the necessary or purchased services.
  10. It is recommended in the first instance to use the stairs and if the elevator will be used, preferably by a maximum of two people who do not know each other, exception been made for members of the same family.
  11. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use disinfectants.
  12. It is recommended that guests wear a disinfectant for their own use and use it frequently, as well as protective masks (these are not provided by the hotel).
  13. Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth without disinfacting your hands. Do not sneeze or cough unprotected.
  14. The use of a credit card is recommended for all payments.
  15. If within 14 days from the check-out date or use of tourist services, guests develop specific symptoms COVID-19 or are tested positive, they are obliged to immediately notify the management of Teleferic Grand Hotel by e-mail to: mihaela.achim@telefericgrandhotel.ro or the organizers / providers of tourist services.