For the last 5 years Teleferic Grand Hotel has complied with the highest standards of cleanliness and security protocols. Our spaces have always been meticulously cleaned and sanitized every hour of every day. But now, more than ever, our existing practices in the industry and the current situation are being improved to include more cleaning and preventive sanitation measures, guaranteeing our guests the much needed peace of mind to enjoy their vacation with the utmost confidence.


Prevention is the key to protecting the health of our employees and guests. A long time ago, we developed a sophisticated approach to prevent the spread of disease in our hotel, under the guidance of professionals from the Brașov Public Health Department.

We assure you that we comply with the quality standards ISO 22000 and ISO 9001, both certified by TUV Austria.

We have dedicated cleaning quality inspection staff to ensure that every procedure is followed to protect every guest and team member. This extends even to our acquisition department – reffering to raw materials and consumables supply department.

We conducted an in-depth evaluation of the research of all contact points with the guests in our hotel, which allowed us to focus on the advanced integrated hygiene practices in fifteen of them.

  1. Arrival at the hotel

As part of the luxury experience, Teleferic Grand Hotel guests will be greeted with the same hospitality with which you are accustomed.


The temperature of the guests will be checked on arrival at the hotel as a precautionary measure. Temperatures exceeding 99.5F/37.3˚C will be considered non-compliant in accordance with current legislation in force. Additional temperature measurements may be carried out at the request of guests or throughout the stay at the request of hotel staff or the authorities, if there is a suspicion of illness.

At check-in, guests will be offered hand sanitizer as well as a mask (if the guest does not have it at check-in, to help them until they purchase).

The reception and entrance area of ​​the hotel will be cleaned and sanitized every 240 minutes during the day.

All team members will wear a mask during the service and additional sanitation stations will be installed for guests and team members. In addition to wearing masks, baggage handlers must wear gloves and wash their hands regularly. The luggage room is disinfected every 240 minutes daily.

Guests must keep a safety distance of at least 1.5m.

Access cards in the room are disinfected in front of our guests using a UV device.

The traffic flow in the interior of the hotel for our guests is pointed out with the help of signage. Separation panels have been installed in the reception area to reduce the risk of contamination.

The practices of social distancing and wearing a mask will be observed and monitored in all public spaces of the hotel (public spaces are considered all other spaces, other than accommodation – rooms).

  1. Public catering points (Restaurants, Bars, Kitchen, Roomservice)


All team members will wear masks and protective gloves. All frequently used equipment, trolleys, coffee machines, etc. will be cleaned and sanitized frequently in accordance with double-checking protocols. At the entrance to the restaurant we will provide hand sanitation facilities.

The menus will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.

All tables, chairs and serving stations will be cleaned with disinfectant after each use.

Social distancing practices will be observed and monitored in all dining areas.

Glassware is disinfected in a professional dishwasher. All bottles of spices, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper will be cleaned and sanitized after each individual use.

The buffets will no longer be served on a self-service basis, but will be served by a properly equipped staff member.


All team members will wear gloves and face masks. All bottles, bar equipment, beer dispensers will be sanitized.

The exterior doors will remain open to allow maximum airflow.

All seats in the bar are placed at a safe distance according to the suggestions of the authorities. Bar stools and countertops will be sanitized every half hour, or after each use.

All glasses in the bar will be washed only in professional dishwashers. Disposable glasses are available at all bars.

The floors will be disinfected throughout the day. The bartenders will wash their hands and disinfect after picking up glasses, bills, etc.


All team members will wear face masks and gloves.

All food preparation and storage areas will be sanitized every hour on a regular basis throughout the day and are noted in control books.

All line items: cups, cutlery, napkins and trays will be removed when not in use.

Dishwashers will operate at a temperature of 80˚C or more and include a mandatory pre-rinse and disinfection step.

All action stations on the buffet-omelet station lines will be protected from coughing or sneezing. All buffet utensils will be permanently disinfected.


All equipment will be sanitized before preparation and setting for room service.

The waiters will wear gloves and masks overnight to collect the breakfast menus on the door handle. These will be noted on an electronic order form and the originals will be discarded.

Employees will be assigned to individual stations and will sanitize their stations and all equipment at least once an hour and at each shift change. All doors, handles and contact surfaces will be sanitized at least once an hour. The waiters will wear disposable gloves to collect the trays, discarding the gloves immediately after the tray and all its contents have been delivered to the dishwashing area. The food trays will be placed in front of the door at the entrance to the room – in the hallway for delivery and notified by guests at extension 03 for lifting from the same place.

  1. Housekeeping and laundry

The laundry service for guests’ belongings will not operate during this period.

  1. Maintenance maintenance

All team members will wear gloves and face masks. After each intervention the surfaces will be disinfected.

  1. Guest rooms

Teleferic Grand Hotel has introduced even more elaborate housekeeping measures to ensure a sanitized, quality environment, according to the strictest protocols.

In each room guests will find containers with disinfectant.

All bed linen will be cleaned and disinfected by a specialized company and changed every 2 days. All mattresses will have mattress protection that will be changed after each departure.

After thoroughly cleaning each room, the door will be locked to certify that no one else has accessed the accommodation until guests arrive. The bellboy, waiter or maintenance person will disinfect both the inside and the outside of the door handle with disinfectant when leaving the room. Additional disinfectants used in the medical field as standard cleaning products will be introduced.

UV LED lighting equipment is used to inspect cleanliness.

Air conditioning is sanitized in the room at each arrival and departure.

Steam cleaning and carpet cleaning are carried out weekly.

The objects in the rooms (coffee cups, spoons, kettles) are washed and sanitized daily.

The housekeeping team will be equipped with disposable PPE gloves, protective mask, disposable aprons. The housekeepers will follow all the internal cleaning procedures. All equipment (mops, mop buckets, rubish bins, trolleys, etc.) is sanitized with the recommended cleaning and sanitizing agents.

Anti-bacterial gels and soaps are placed in each guest room.

A double check cleaning system is introduced.


We adhere to a double-checked cleaning system:

  1. MINIBAR AND COFFEE KETTLE – Cleaned and disinfected daily;
  2. ALL CLOSING AND OPENING ACCESSORIES – Cleaned and disinfected daily;
  3. FURNITURE – Daily cleaned and disinfected with an authorized cleaning and disinfectant product;
  4. TV AND REMOTE CONTROL – Cleaned and disinfected daily;
  5. UV LED LIGHT – Used to validate cleanliness;
  6. PARQUET AND CARPETS – Cleaned, vacuumed and sanitized daily;
  7. LINEN AND MATTRESS – All bed linen is washed at high temperatures and disinfected by a specialized company. We use a mattress protector over the mattresses.


We adhere to a double-checked cleaning system:

  1. SHAMPOO AND GEL SUPPORT – disinfected daily;
  2. TILES – Vacuumed, mopped, sanitized daily;
  3. SHOWER AND BASIN – clean and disinfect daily with authorized Ecolab disinfectant – shower walls, faucets, bathtub, shower tray;
  4. UV LED LIGHT – Used to validate cleanliness;
  5. TOILET AND BIDET – cleaned and disinfected daily with hospital disinfectant;
  6. AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM – Sanitized for each arrival in the room;
  7. OTHER SURFACES – Cleaned and disinfected daily with recommended and authorized disinfectant.


  1. Elevators (elevators)

The lifts will be used by a maximum of 2 people, if they are not members of the same family. Hotel staff will use the stairs. Only in case of emergency will the hotel staff be able to use the lifts.

  1. Swimming pool and Jacuzzi


The water quality tests will be carried out for all the basins and will be done according to a double check system, 3 times during the day. The parameters will be noted in a special register.

The sunbeds by the pool and the outdoor area will be sanitized every morning before use and again after each use and will be separated according to the physical distance guidelines recommended by the authorities.

The filters of the pool installations will be cleaned daily. The addition of Chlorine and Ph solution is done computerized, being noted in the registers in accordance with the current legislation in force.

Swimming pool equipment will be disinfected daily.

  1. Spa


The temperature of the guests will be checked before each treatment, as a precautionary measure. Washing and rinsing utensils will be done in a professional washing and disinfecting machine.

All members of the SPA team will wear masks and gloves when performing the treatments. During the day, the treatment rooms, bathrooms and waiting areas of the SPA reception will be properly cleaned and sanitized. Therapists will frequently wash their hands with soap and water and will thoroughly sanitize the therapy rooms between appointments.

Spa linens will be stored and transported in sealed bags / containers to allow handling and diminishing direct contact.

Massage tables, headrests and other wellness devices will be sanitized after each use.

Hand sanitizers will be available at the entrance to the spa area and massage rooms.

All equipment, surfaces and furniture must be cleaned and sanitized after each use and every three hours.

A distance of at least 1.5m will be maintained at all times and will be guided by indicators.

All door handles and frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and sanitized every three hours. The air conditioning units and filters will be cleaned and sanitized daily.

The swimming pool, jacuzzi, saunas and gym will only be available on the recommendation of the authorities.

  1. Team members


We set an even higher reference level for good health, with new requirements for all staff members. They are trained where the nearest hand sanitizer stations are. They will wear protective equipment and gloves at all times, depending on the requirements of the job.

The members of the team will not wear their uniforms while traveling to and from work.

Having the temperature controlled before starting the shifts, we constantly monitor their health. To ensure that all team members remain healthy both at work and outside, they will be provided with ongoing specialist training in home prevention and hygiene practices.

All staff were trained to follow prevention recommendations and participated in training courses.

  1. Public toilets

Public toilets are disinfected every hour.

  1. Suppliers and reception of goods

Even our suppliers and partners will be associated with the new cleaning protocol by:

– Restricting delivery windows and limiting physical contact;

– Sanitation of all touchpoints, including equipment, storage spaces and access areas;

– All outer packaging must be removed on delivery to remove any contamination.

  1. All public areas (halls, elevator, stairs, etc.)

All public areas will be disinfected within 240 minutes.

  1. Back of the house (warehouses, offices, personal access area, etc.)

All these areas will be disinfected daily.

  1. Playgrounds for children – internal and external

They will be disinfected daily.

  1. Game room

The devices will be disinfected daily or after each use.


While we have always been attentive to detail, now every area of ​​our hotel will be completely cleaned and sanitized constantly, with at least two daily inspections. All public toilets will be cleaned, sanitized and inspected every hour. At the entrance to restaurants or bars we will provide you with solutions for disinfecting your hands before entering.

The kitchen, bars and dining room for restaurants are constantly cleaned and sanitized. The pool and jacuzzi are tested and treated and will follow double checking protocols.

Additional manual sanitation stations will be provided for guests and team members in all public spaces.


Both restaurants have outdoor terraces where you can enjoy the breeze and fresh air of the Postavaru Mountain.

We introduce new ways to encourage our guests to keep a safe social distance, while still offering a relaxing experience in the hotel. These include:

– Extended check-in time;

– Safe remote dining settings in our restaurants and bars;

– Installation of signs to keep a safe distance;

– Only maximum 2 people will be allowed in each lift, staff members will use alternative routes on the stairs.