Hot stone massage


It is considered the most effective spa treatment for stress reduction. It combines the therapeutic effects of warmed basaltic stones massage with those of deep manual massage.

Winter outfit


A wonderful ritual, with bokelas filled with quartz. The warm sand layer of the massage table adapts to the shape of the body and envelops it instantly in comfort.

Rejuvenating Face Massage


In ancient cultures, facial massage was regarded as essential for the facial beauty and rejuvenation, based on its natural lifting effect.

Anti-stress back, neck & shoulders massage


Recovery massage focused on tense and overused back muscles. Little by little, the muscle tensions are driven away and an immediate relief sensation sets in.

Relaxing Candle Massage

50′ / 70′

Indulge in a calming massage based on warm aroma therapeutic oil essences, which will help you relax. In order to achieve a sense of total abandonment, you will be welcomed with a scalp massage.

Harmony and Balance Massage

50′ / 70′ / 90′

Holistic approach, a surprising fusion of techniques, meant to restore the natural harmony of mind, body and spirit.

Inner Energy Massage

50′ / 70′

Regain your energy with a revitalizing massage, based on in-depth massage techniques and sporting massage.

Anti-cellulite Massage


Specially addressed to the ladies, this type of massage combines specific lifting and reviving techniques, for an enviable body.

Purifying scrub

Purifying scrub with salt crystals and essential oils. You can opt for it independently or together with your favourite massage.

Velvet skin (Aromatic Body Polish)


Hydrating treatment for face and body. A delicate scrub is easily massaged onto the body to eliminate impurities, refine the skin and boost cell renewal, while the rich aroma therapeutic lotion nourishes and hydrates the skin, making it soft and silky.

Nourishing Cocoon Wrap


Nourishing treatment meant to restore the elasticity and softness of your skin. The pampering begins with a purifying exfoliation, followed by a nourishing packaging.

Body Contouring Treatment


Through specific body modelling techniques, the treatment combines actions with a stimulating and lifting effect, in order to increase the tissue elasticity and make the skin elastic and firm again.

Gold Reflexions


Luxury treatment for firmness with gold particles. The treatment consists of a purifying peeling, a rejuvenating facial massage and a body reviving massage.