The Teleferic Hotel from Poiana Braşov represents the coming true of a legend in Romanian tourism. Its fairy tale history started after 1970, with a building in the classical style of the European mountain hotels, occupying the best location in Poiana Brasov resort — the top Romanian mountain resort.

As it was situated at the foot of the main ski slope, near the cable car, and the hotel was named “Teleferic”. It has rapidly developed, due to the wonderful view, the easy access to the ski slopes in winter or to the mountain trails in summer, as well as to the comfort offered by a modern and welcoming hotel.

The hotel restaurants offer attractive menus, fine wines and a pleasant atmosphere. The nightclub, which was the main attraction spot during the 70s and 80s, was the place where tourists could meet international stars.

Placed at the foot of a ski slope, the “Teleferic” was, until 1992, the favourite hotel of both Romanian and foreign tourists, in love with the mountain and aristocratic comfort.

Later, it was closed for 20 years, until 2012. Due to the nostalgia and passion of an enthusiastic man, willing to re-live the “Teleferic” glory, the hotel came back to life. The intention was to help the Teleferic hotel resume its tourist activity as a holiday destination at the foot of Mount Postăvaru, in a luxurious ambience that offers unforgettable experiences.

Hence, the old building was brought back to life, following a radical transformation and adjustment to fit the 21st century. Teleferic Grand Hotel has been reborn, to delight tourists again.

The team who brought this wonderful hotel to life has an ambitious mission: offering a special atmosphere to special guests. The dream of this team is to offer exceptional holidays, in the mountains, amid the amazing nature of Poiana Brasov, in a comfortable hotel, with fine culinary delights, a refined SPA and a lot of other pleasant surprises.

It is the Teleferic Grand Hotel.

The chief wizard with his magical wand, together with his team, are waiting for you for a fairy-tale holiday.