The Viorel House Equestrian Centre

The centre currently has eight Lipizzaner stallions and eight Standard and Miniature Shetland ponies, all black. Two of the Lipizzaner stallions have received the title and status of Reproduction Stallions, and they are used for reproduction within the Association of Private Breeders of Lipizzaner Horses.

After several years of hard work and perseverance, the eight horses can pull the carts in four pairs or in line, which is currently unique in the country.

Besides these tandems, the horses from Casa Viorel, together with the parents of the Romanian Lipizzaner from Sâmbăta de Jos, can form a team, unique in the world, of 12 Lipizzaner stallions pulling a single carriage.

And the ponies go to exhibitions, shows and cart competitions. These events are very sought after by the tourists of the complex, especially by children, who enjoy riding and pony-drawn carriages.

In the beautiful landscape of the Carpathian mountains, the rides organized in the forests around the resort, in the saddle, in hunting carriages and by sleigh in winter are amazing. Beginners have the opportunity to ride in the paddock of the complex, accompanied by instructors.

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