ATVs are vehicles for any type of terrain, easy to drive, with high stability; they are 4×4, and thus they can overcome any obstacles encountered along the way.

For those who think they have the skills and desire for adventure, an option could be high difficulty trails, where the team spirit will be needed to help the others out of the mud or deep snow. Generally, for the first contact with ATVs, we recommend SOFT trails, with low to medium difficulty, where participants will receive protective equipment, helmets and waterproof suits; when everyone is equipped, the training begins and each person receives handling instructions from an ATV instructor; then comes the departure, in a line, organized, on the chosen trail. Please note that, throughout the ATV trip, participants will be accompanied by a guide whose role is to lead the line and to prevent the participants from getting lost, and possibly to help those who struggle to cross over obstacles.

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